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No Means No movie 10 mind blowing Dialogues from Amitabh Bachchan

Pink is strong, pink is bright and Pink gives a great performance at the box office. But what made this movie so great? In today’s world, it is an eye-opener! The film perfectly illustrates today’s society where men and women are judged with different yardsticks. The film is very realistic, every girl is associated with a character in the movie. So for those who have not seen and do not like the movie, here are 10 self-moving dialogues from Amitabh Bachchan Pink.

No Means No Movie 1 st Dialogues: Wrong Assumptions

Kichivi ladki ko ov ai ladkisat kabini aklena jaan chaiye, kiuki aisa kornes oha lag dharekar lete haiki khoda oppehi uraun chuni kornya, chun license kar hai.

No Means No Movie 2nd Dialogues: Haans Ke Baat Nai Karni Chaiye

no means no movie review

Kcvi ladki ko kcvi ladkese hanske ya touch corke bat nai karni chaiye, kiuki wa use indit sanj lega. Hansiko Han, Bouska Joe is a natural human behavior, but Wa Uska was introduced, Kasbut Ban Shakti Hai.

No Means No Movie 3rd Dialogues: Wrong Thinking!

No means no movie dialogue

Rathko ladkian job sadak par jatihaito gadian dhirho jati haiur anakshi nache uren lagte hai. Demeng ye great idea kisiko nai ata.

No Means No Movie 4th Dialogues: Ladki Ko Ladke Ke Sath Nai Peena Chaiye

No means no movie cast

Kichivi laddiko kisvi ladke boss bait kar sharab nai peni chai, kiuki agar ohaisa kortihaito ladeko indit hai hai agar ladki shudhu bait kar sharbpe shaktihai, uske saath putra sehina katigi.

No Means No Movie 5th Dialogues: Wrong Opinions!

No means no release date

Sharbako yahan perek kharab charitraki nishani manishi jatahai. Ladkiyon keliye. Don’t take Ladko. Ladko, you are at health risk.

No Means No Movie 6th Dialogues: Venue Decide Karta Hai Character?

No means no review

Rakshaso main hint hai, or libreria temple meheto hinta hai? Decide on the character of the venue?

No Means No Movie 7th Dialogues: Time Decides Character!!

No means no movie dialogue

Hamre ya gadikisui or historical decisive high.

No Means No Movie 8th Dialogues: Independent Women

No means no cast

Shahr Meng Ladkion Ko Alag Nai Rehna Chaye, Alele Nai Rehna Chaye. Ladke re sakte ha par ladkia nahi. Personal Ladkian Ladko Kar Deti Haini confused.

No Means No Movie 9th Dialogues: Meaning Of No!

sonjhoy dhotto

‘Not just a word. Apan mengpur saja hai. EC does not require any star, description or explanation.

No Means No Movie 10th Dialogues: NO MEANS NO

No means no release date

These guys need to understand, ‘no’ ka matlab ‘na’ hota hai. Balne Wali Ladki Ko Parichit Ho, Bandhu Ho, Girlfriend Ho, Co SS * X Worker Ho Ya Aapki Apni Bibi Hi Ki Na Ho. ‘No Min’. You stop when someone says that! The Pink Story is set in Delhi, where three friends Minal, Falak, and Andrea Anand live together in a rented apartment.

They live a normal life one day, the party they attend seems like the biggest nightmare of their lives. But professionally Amitabh Bachchan actor Deepak Sehgal fights for them, for justice.

Speaking about Pink, Amitabh Bachchan recently told The New Indian Express, “I was embarrassed every time we talked about this. Then, I got involved in the Kaun Banega Crorepati .

I feel very guilty and angry when I hear the stories of so many women sitting in the hot seat. The United Nations asked me to be an ambassador for my daughter and I saw a lot of things like this while working on it. So I wanted to make a film on these things somewhere. ”

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Cinematographer Surinjit Sen said, “I don’t know what my character and story is and who will direct it.” I don’t know what my character and story is and who will handle it. ” Well, thank you, Mr. Bachchan and Shujit Sirkar for giving you a pink gift of a movie!

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