Racing Club vs. Sporting Cristal Football Match in Copa Libertadores 29 April 2021

Racing Club vs. Sporting Cristal will face off on Thursday, April 29 for the second round of the Copa Libertadores. This football event will take place at the Presidente Peron stadium from 5:00 pm. Racing Club vs. Sporting Cristal for Group E of the Copa Libertadores 2021.

Match Schedule:

Racing Club vs. Sporting Cristal

Copa Libertadores 2021

Date: 29 April 2021; Time: 5:00 pm

Venue: Presidente Peron Stadium

Sporting Cristal vs. Racing Club will play this Thursday, April 29 at the Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón, ‘El Cilindro’ in Avellaneda, on date 2 of Group E of the Copa Libertadores.

After debuting with a long-suffering draw against Rentistas, who was winning until the 89th minute, Racing Club will try to get a victory against Sporting Cristal to confirm their role as a candidate to go to the next round with the other powerful team in the group, Sao Paulo.

The debut in the Copa Libertadores was not the desired one. Sporting Cristal fell 3-0 to Sao Paulo at the start of the continental tournament. Now it is his turn to face Racing Club, which has drawn 1-1 with Rentistas.

The victory against Universitario makes Sporting Cristal look optimistically at their duel against the Academy on Thursday, April 29.

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