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Supernova Movie Review: Beat Your Heart in Colin Firth

Supernova Movie Review: Full Depth in Details

The pair initially watched dementia drum and watched over five and a small but well-designed Supernova Movie film by Harry McCain.

Dementia is a disease that brings unique pain: the individual types can be divided into their depression and anxiety, leaving the next episode alone, waiting for the second, and so on, to say the least. Its minimalist nature – the vague notion of life and death, itself and other things – makes it an infinitely appealing sight to filmmakers and actors, calling for a rich feeling, even themes that can be easily written around the world, melodrama fans and if heavy hands By acting.

British writer-director Harry McQueen, thanks to his beautiful-hearted sophomore character in “Supernova”, thanks to a small part of two stars Colin Firth and Stanley Tucky: Long-term twins will survive – no-no – remember the memories. In the shadows of scattering, their mysterious theses and screams hold uncomfortable hands.



The San Sebastian World-Premiering Competition – the largest of the Spanish Fest, which lost the English game to Venice and Toronto – was degraded in Beijing by a “supernova” design: a room for just two people on a busy British road race. Nothing can go on, otherwise, we’ll get to the beach soon The real blockbuster, even actor-producer McCain’s Shooting 2014 has a relationship with the original “Hinterland”, imitating it and then emphasizing others.

Despite the film’s small size, its titles – both taking horrible shapes, especially showing a new crack and firmness in the shape of Faith’s hard-top-lip – should draw a good audience size outside the game circuit. (Probably with the BFTA season in mind, US publisher Studiosonal currently has a “supernova” scheduled for November 2nd.)

With the help of 60 assistants Sam (Firth) and show (Tusi) in a riot camp in the north of England, their last vacation seems to be before Tasker’s health deteriorates significantly, McQueen’s clash is not surprising: one of them may go on a journey and choose to follow the film as close as possible. . “We’re not going back, you know,” Sam tells the task of the film’s first dialogue – and when he interprets it through the home banner, such as the last call of a forgotten object before hitting the open path. , They and we can hear the words of search, melanocytic subtext.




Like Tasker, as it turned out, many deliberately left something behind: a drug that was supposed to stop his mental decline and overtime thinking that didn’t work at all. He had a famous novel that is now struggling to write on paper, and in the silence of Tuscar and his future, Dirk unhesitatingly concludes how he can leave the unusual moments of his life.

Former pianist Sam, who recently resigned from his job to take care of Tasker, can’t agree with the reality because he fell into this chaos that their relationship would see them through the worst. Because of his great love for his wife for decades, his inability to accept the advent of truth, or his terrible fear of being alone, the question is whether “supernova Movie” refers to open travel, even though his people call it uninterrupted circles. The problem.

Faced with this, not much happened in “Supernova Movie“, such as Sam and Snow chatting, hugging, arguing, small appearances, and taking in the mild autumn Lake District space they could get – even Mike Lay’s regular photographer Dick Pope explores. In a tropical setting, many beautiful planes surround the green to ocher landscape.

The game – and it has proven to be a cut in its simplest form – has both gradually abandoned the agreed defense in the ease of denial and delay, and landed with various reactions along the way, including unspoken comments about their advantages. This is not a problem that can be compromised: one has to win, even the “supernova” fight does not see the consequences of its strong, intelligent, elliptical end, harmful enough to mean the future of both.

Born Tukey’s directors are so loyal that we don’t think their presence in movies is so big: they lazily meet our expectations about their refined gravity. There’s something amazing and great about what they bring here from each other, as they complement each other’s old jokes and laughter with half-hearted love as they move towards each other, indifference and sometimes humility.

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Supernova Movie Review: Beat Your Heart in Colin Firth and Stanley Tuki Smith.

  • Production: (U.K.) A StudioCanal (in the U.K.) release of a BBC Film,  The Bureau production, British Film Institute presentation of a Quiddity Films. Executive producers: Eva Yates, Mary Burke, Vincent Gazelle. (International sales: Paris, The Bureau.) Producers: Tristan Goligher, Emily Morgan.
  • Crew: Camera: Dick Pope. Director, screenplay: Harry Macqueen. Music: Keaton Henson. Editor: Chris Wyatt.
  • With: Pippa Haywood, Nina Marlin, Colin Firth, Stanley Tucci, Peter Macqueen.
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