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The Three Sisters । The Three Sisters Review, Summary, Cast And More

Three sisters are basically three sisters – wait for the sisters to follow the story: Olga, Masha and Irina Prozorov. They live with their brother Andrei in a large house on the outskirts of a small Russian town. Citizens are more anxious and annoyed than their educated and culture-loving families, so this minority community doesn’t really like starting with the city.

Believe it or not, the only interesting people around are the military. Basically, Prozorov’s boys are earthy, well-educated army Brett. And being in the army in Tsarist Russia meant most of the time you were with the elite and once you finished the fight, maybe a taste for the subtle things in life was created. So since the family moved from Moscow eleven years ago (with their father, now dead), the sisters have been overwhelmed by the dream of returning to the big city.


The Three Sisters Review


But can you guess? This is not happening. Great, Olga became a spinster teacher and eventually became the director who lives with her elderly housekeeper. Middle sister Masha was married to another teacher, Kuligin, whom he hated for her little mind. She is having an affair with Agent Versinin because she only gave the kind of philosophy that really started her engines. And she guesses what happened: the accident ended with a broken heart.

The youngest, poor Irina, has a fictitious idea of the value of work but soon realizes that work actually fails in her life. She falls in love with the idea of love but cannot understand it. Eventually, she almost returned to say “yes” to Baron Tuzenbach, a friendly but rude person who has been chasing him for years. The day they get married, he is killed in a conflict. Bomber.

Andre, the brother, a city girl, abandons his intellectual dreams to pursue Natasha. They get married, have children and in a short time she takes over the estate. At the end of the drama, the aristocracy was mainly evicted from their homes, while the symbol of the working class Natasha is on the rise. History, a lot? Not to get to the history books already, just a few years before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 – and you’d better believe that smart Russians like Chekhov have already figured out some of the storms on the horizon.

The Three Sisters Dissatisfaction:


The Three Sisters scene


You can’t always get what you want from three sisters. It would be like the Stones song, if we think about it more, you can’t get what you want in reality. The nuns want to go back to Moscow: no dice. Irina wants to fall in love: No. Okay, she will settle for a convenient marriage with a beautiful boy: sorry, baby, it won’t happen ”.

In Chekhov’s play, it’s about wanting, not receiving – a constant dissatisfaction that’s an important part of life. As the philosopher Commander Versinin added: “We are never happy. We can never be happy. We just want to be happy” (2.112).

The Three Sisters Chew:

The Three Sisters are portraits of a family lacking the drive to live up to their expectations.

The only satisfied characters in the game are Anfisa and Ferrapont, who have very little to worry about in the future. Since they are addicted, Chekhov is making a great statement in the class too.

The Three Sisters Dreams, Hopes, and Plans:


The Three Sisters Download


The characters of the Three Sisters spend a lot of time dreaming and curious about how to make tomorrow better than today, usually for themselves but sometimes for the whole of humanity (good for them!). The sisters are eager to return to Moscow, not to mention the distant Shangri-La, intelligent and high-quality men in the game, full of drunkenness and excitement. An agreement among most of the characters seems to be that their lives may be somewhat underdeveloped, but they must work to ensure a better future for generations to come.

The Three Sisters Isolation:

The Three Sisters house is fifteen miles from the train station. She is in a city so small, so sleepless and so boring with its inhabitants, that even cosmic sisters can live on a desert island. With only a handful of military personnel around for the party, she’ll be able to chat and act as a potential asset. Besides reading, playing the piano, evaluating cards and translating books, solitaire at home is very good.

But this is not the end. The characters are also emotionally isolated, unable to enjoy almost anybody happening nearby. They are always eager to be elsewhere. Combine sensible and geographic isolation and you’ve got recipes for some serious (pronounced wuhan-weed) utterances. It’s a deep existential monotony with a capital UGH.

The Three Sisters Love Scene:


Three Sisters Drama


Love is one of Chekhov’s great motivations. Everyone wants it (they are people first of all). Whether it’s the desire for romance, the family’s need for respect, the satisfaction of a child’s attachment, or the comfort of old age, the three sisters are objects of love.

In the end, the most unshakable and least unstable of the three sisters in love. They have quarrels and rivalries, that’s for sure, but they support each other: subject, death, despair. In this small town, family love fades and he does it with vengeance.

The Three Sisters Marriage Scene:

Here’s the math: marriage = pain for three sisters. Biographical note: When he wrote the play, Chekhov hadn’t bitten that bullet yet. Although he would soon play the actress Masha.

However, here’s the scoop: middle sister Masha hates her school teacher Bor’s husband. You have a very pleasant relationship with an intelligent senior officer who is also happily married. Brother Andre and his trash bride Natasha soon fall in love with each other and Natasha works on a more intimate relationship with one of Andre’s colleagues.


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So the marriage was confirmed as tragic, but the two unmarried sisters (and some men) can’t wait to get hurt or regret never doing it. At least in this small town, everyone comes back with something to love.

The Three Sisters Society and Class Scene:

One of the main sources of complaint about the heroines of the Three Sisters is the lack of civilized and educated people in their city. They feel monotonous in the sea of ignorance, the ignorance that falls on their home due to unhappy marriages in some of the city’s pumpkins. Once the brightest hope of the family, their talented academic and industrial brother Andre has gradually become a short-term gambler and chicken husband.

Also, the most frightening event: the inevitable departure of slightly more refined soldiers comes in the latest law. Until the end, the sisters are driven from their homes by their miserly middle-class sister-in-law Natasha. With the purge of the forgotten purged island of Prozorov, Chekhov made a much bigger statement about the demise of the disadvantaged class in Russia.

The Three Sisters Women and Femininity:


Three Sisters


The three sisters have a much better role for women to play. Between the Prozorov sisters and their brothers, Chekhov created a beautiful broad portrait of various female personalities. The caretaker Olga, the supernatural Masha, the idealist Irina and the deceased breeder and the extraordinary irrational lady. In recognition of this, guys meet, then clash, alliances change and grow, as Chekhov gives them profiles from their youth to the beginning of the marriage, motherhood, spinster, and old age.

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